International Standard Belt

Vulcanizing Press

Independent R&D Capability; Focus On Customer Needs;
Reasonable & Scientific Design


Pro Series Frame Vulcanizing Presses

PRO Series Frame Vulcanizing Presses, 2-piece press, aluminum frame style, designed for quick and easy operation, easy to move to any desired splice position, lightweight and high work efficiency.

Compact Frame Vulcanizing Presses

Compact press made in aluminium. Available for several belt widths, from 650mm up to 1600mm. Lengths of platen 365mm, 522mm, 627mm and 728mm (14”, 21”, 25” y 29”).

Air Cooled PVC PU BELT Press Machine

This air cooled press has all components integrated into the tool, allowing a user to simply plug it into electricity and it is ready for use. Fast and Portable Splicing, can bring to anywhere easily.

Water Cooled PVC PU BELT Press Machine

As a hot press splicing machine manufacturer, Honglong provides air cooled press machine, water cooled press machine, hot press machine, splicing press, belt joint machine, belt vulcanizer.

C-Clamp Belt Spot Repair

YXL C-Clamp Repair Vulcanizing Press, also known as C-clamp spot repair vulcanizer, is an electric heating repair equipment for conveyor belt. During the belt conveying, the surface of the belt may be damaged or pierced by the conveyed material.

Spot repair beam press

Beam press for spot repairs on the belt. Aluminium made. Available for several belt widths from 650mm up to 3200mm (superior dimensions under request). The vulcanizer includes pneumatic pressure system, heating system and cooling system.

About us

Qingdao Antai Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and international supplier of compounts for conveyor belt and wear protection technology and provides worldwide services for conveyor belt systems.

Our products mainly including special Cold Vulcanized Adhesive and Solvent,Hot Splicing Jointing Materials ,Pully lagging Materials ,Rubber Skrit, Impact Device (impact bar/impact bed ), UHMW-PE Rubber,Vulcanized Machine/Press,Conveyor Pully Rollers&Idler,Conveyor Belt Cleaner and Special Tools.


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International Standard Belt Vulcanizing Press:

Independent R&D Capability;
Focus On Customer Needs;
Reasonable & Scientific Design;

Chinese Standard Belt Vulcanizing Press:

Focus On Quality & Efficiency;
Whole Process Quality Control;
Testing & Inspection Before Delivery;

Rail-mounted Belt Spot Repair:

Safe & Reliable;
Precaution System;
Safety Devices(e.g.: safety bolts & safety bars)

What Our Clients Say

I am site manager of iron mining company in Australia; We used to pay large amount for rent conveyor belt splice tool from local supplier; Johnson provide another solvtion for us, they vulcanizer are cheap and good to use, the price is nearly as much as the rent fee for one year, We can save a lots of budget;

—— Mr Jarrod

Johnson prove their quality and efficient , he reply me inquiry so soon;And the production is finished with in one week, We have purchase six times form him; we will purchase more we will purchase more in the further
—— Mr Carlo
We test the heating platen with Almex control box, it works well; Also other item no problem; We will move together with ANTAI
—— Mr Gle
Outstanding value, we purchased ZLJ 800×830 vulcanizer for ANTAI. The heating is very fast. Build-in cooling time is about 13 minutes. Control panel is very easy so set up, I do it without checking the manual. The press is very nice, Good job!
—— Mr Chatchai
Cannot believe how fast the ANTAI1200×830 come to us in South African. ANTAI lead the vulcanizing press with-in 10 days,Our project is saved! Thank you for everything.
—— Mr Bodin